Building Automation – News and Updates


Theme: Building Automation – News and Updates
Speaker: Frank Schubert
Date: Wed. 30.09.2020, 03:00 p.m. (UTC+2)
Duration: 150 minutes

PC-based control technology from Beckhoff, which has already been used successfully for almost three decades in all areas of industrial automation, has today become an integral component of intelligent building automation. Beckhoff will present three products for building automation in the online event Building Automation – News and Updates. In addition, three partner companies will participate in the total of six presentations.

Bernd Hölscher will present the advantages of the new TC3 Building Automation TF8040. This is the latest and most extensive software package for building automation. The main components of TF8040 are new libraries and templates. These are optimally tailored to the new BACnet Rev14 and also to the TwinCAT HMI. Furthermore, the user of TF8040 is provided with tools that optimize engineering with TwinCAT still further.

The Beckhoff lighting solution TF8050 offers many benefits that enable the simple commissioning of DALI light controllers, among other things. Also, the KL6821 terminal (Dali2) supports the connection to the sensors in the building (for example occupancy sensors). In his lecture, Aki Kalajainen will demonstrate how a Dali/Dali2 installation is implemented with little effort.

A new entry-level model for integration in BACnet/IP networks is available in the ultra-compact CX8191 Industrial PC. Terminals of the type EL6861 (BACnet MS/TP), with which a connection to serial BACnet devices can be established, can be connected to suit. Frank Schubert will show how this controller can be integrated into existing or new BACnet infrastructures. The newly developed BACnet Revision 14 library enables the creation and configuration of the BACnet objects and their properties directly from the PLC, so that objects can now also be added and configured dynamically at runtime. An overview of this new architecture will be conveyed.

On the basis of an innovative cloud dashboard, Christoph Peitz (Twin Building) will demonstrate how sustainable energy efficiency can be realized using Beckhoff controllers as edge devices. A practical example of this is a Fraunhofer Institute project at the University of Paderborn. The data from the current measuring terminals used there are transported by an ultra-compact C6015 Industrial PC into the Microsoft Azure cloud, where they are processed into a user-friendly evaluation and overview.

With the Azure cloud computing platform, Microsoft provides a powerful infrastructure that enables comprehensive functions for the processing of IoT data as well as analyses and artificial intelligence. Among other things, real data from a building can be digitally mapped with the help of this technology. In his lecture, Justin Haiduk will present the current possibilities of a digital twin and explain the benefits that arise for building investors and operators.

Sean Boden (Danfoss) will also present a practical example in his lecture. The Danish company relies on a high level of digitization of building services in its branch office in Columbus House in Hamburg, Hafen City. Sean Boden will talk about the benefits and savings potentials that arise from the networking of various systems inside the building as well as from the connection to a cloud-based dashboard. Products from Danfoss such as the actuators from the NovoCon series already provide the important data for the analysis.

Each speaker will take questions from the participants at the end of his lecture.


Overview of the program:

  • 03:00 p.m.: Welcoming
  • 03:05 p.m.: Lecture by Christoph Peitz, Managing Director, Twin Building
  • 03:20 p.m.: Lecture by Bernd Hölscher, Product Manager Building Automation, Beckhoff Automation
  • 03:55 p.m.: Lecture by Justin Haiduk, Principal Solution Specialist IoT, Microsoft Corporation
  • 04:15 p.m.: Lecture by Aki Kalajainen, Building Automation Marketing and Training, Beckhoff Automation
  • 04:40 p.m.: Lecture by Sean Boden, Head of Technological Partnerships, Danfoss Drives
  • 05:00 p.m.: Lecture by Frank Schubert, Building Automation Marketing and Training, Beckhoff Automation
  • 05:25 p.m.: Goodbyes